140627 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

It was now Choa’s turn to tweet, thanking Lady Gaga

[ChoA★] We’ve arrived at the hotel after successfully finishing our first performance for Lady Gaga’s NA tour~ We watched Lady Gaga’s performance after our own and it was the best! It was great Gaga Unnie. We fell for you even harder ♥︎ thanks to all the fans who cheered for us ♥︎ Let’s fighting for the remaining performances aja aja!!

[ChoA★]드디어 레이디가가 북미투어 크레용팝의 첫 무대를 마치고 호텔에 왔습니다~ 저희 무대가 끝난후 레이디가가무대를 관람했는데 정말 최고! 멋있어요 가가언니 더더 반했어요♥︎응원해준 팬분들 thank u ♥︎앞으로의 무대도 화이팅 아자아자!!!

Another tweet was made after Lady Gaga followed Crayon Pop on Twitter.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Loyalty’~~~!!

레이디가가의 ‘으리~~~!!’



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