140627 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Having arrived in Atlantic City, Crayon Pop had dinner at a Korean place, and had time for some sight seeing. Clearly the Lady Gaga concert is a relief from their hectic Korean schedules.

twitter gummi

We finally had a Korean meal at the Korean restaurant >.< ! Kya~ it was so delicious as if it had honey in it.. when will we get to have them again? geummi

오늘 드디어 일번지 한국식당 에서 한식을 먹었어요>.< !캬~음식에 꿀탄듯 정말 맛있었는데..이제 또 언제 먹을까요? geummi

twitter way

We are finally at a Korean restaurant. They say its the only Korean restaurant in Atlantic City. We were excited to see kimchi again in 3 days. I can’t live without kimchi >0< Hoi!  -Way-

드뎌 한식당에 왔어요! 아틀랜틱시티에 딱하나있는곳이라네요! 3일만에 만난 김치가 너무 반가웠어요!!! 김치없인 못살아 정말못살아 >0<호잇! -웨이-

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  • Anthony Ashcraft

    I’m so happy they get to basically relax during this. It must feel nice to be able to travel and actually enjoy the places they’re visiting, even if it’s for a short time.

    • mcf

      Looks like they have a nice break in the middle, too.

      Five days off between Montreal and Buffalo while Gaga does some festival events.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Plenty of kimchee here in LA…at some other stops it could be harder to get. Boston has a Korean community due to the tech sector so that should be OK; Toronto has a large Chinese community, not sure about Koreans. If they go to Chicago without trying the pizza though, that would be blasphemy.

  • GBuster

    They better party it up in AC and eventually Vegas. Elgu will love it there.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit
  • rotocrash

    Dallas has great Korean community and many restaurants!