140627 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Having arrived in Atlantic City, Crayon Pop had dinner at a Korean place, and had time for some sight seeing. Clearly the Lady Gaga concert is a relief from their hectic Korean schedules.

twitter gummi

We finally had a Korean meal at the Korean restaurant >.< ! Kya~ it was so delicious as if it had honey in it.. when will we get to have them again? geummi

오늘 드디어 일번지 한국식당 에서 한식을 먹었어요>.< !캬~음식에 꿀탄듯 정말 맛있었는데..이제 또 언제 먹을까요? geummi

twitter way

We are finally at a Korean restaurant. They say its the only Korean restaurant in Atlantic City. We were excited to see kimchi again in 3 days. I can’t live without kimchi >0< Hoi!  -Way-

드뎌 한식당에 왔어요! 아틀랜틱시티에 딱하나있는곳이라네요! 3일만에 만난 김치가 너무 반가웠어요!!! 김치없인 못살아 정말못살아 >0<호잇! -웨이-

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