140627 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

Crayon Pop has likely reached Atlantic City with Choa’s tweet. Also from the tweet, we can gather that they are likely to be taking a tour bus around for their tours instead of flying for most of their trip in North America. Fans who hope to meet them at airports, do take note.
twitter choa

[ChoA★] We’ve met our tour bus in Philadelphia~~ Please take good care of us^_^*

[ChoA★]필라델피아에와서 투어 버스를 만났어요~~ 한달동안 잘 부탁해^_^*

Source: Twitter

  • GBuster

    They will take a bus for some of the closer tour route, but will have to fly for some of the destinations as the bus wont get there within a day.

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      They might do what Gaga does, which is fly to the locations but have a bus for their items.

    • BunnyMECH

      I just looked on Google maps and you might be surprised Milwaukee to Atlantic City was one of their longest trips (911 miles). Their two longer trips will Chicago to San Antonio (1,243 miles) and Dallas to Las Vegas (1,227 miles). I think they will be on the bus the whole time. All the other trips are shorter even when they go to Canada and back.

    • mcf

      I’m pretty sure they’ll take this bus the whole way – which is a good thing.

      These tour buses are basically like private jets on wheels. They typically have beds in them for sleeping, a kitchen stocked with food, entertainment systems, etc.

      Way, way, better than flying commercial airlines and dealing with all the bullshit that goes with it.