140627 Crayon Pop Pictures at Lady Gaga’s concert in Milwaukee (Backstage)

Enjoy some new pictures of Crayon Pop at Lady Gaga’s concert in Milwaukee! This first stage was an outdoor festival stage, hence it is much smaller than what it would be in the future venues. There were some difficulties, but everyone concentrated and finished the performance well. Gaga said, “How can I not love Crayon Pop?”.

  • Amo

    Derp! I was just about to ask who the lucky fan was who met them backstage…I didn’t even realise that that was Gaga! ooops. ‘YonGaga’

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I thought that was a makeup artist or hairstylist. LOL

    • GBuster

      Yeah, we are not use to her wearing clothes.

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      That’s one of Gaga’s dancers, not Gaga. 😛

  • Toff

    So late to ask this, but was this in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Or where?

    • GBuster

      Milwaukee, WI. They are headed to Atlantic City, NJ for a performance on the 28th.

      • wollapop

        any word on flight details?? i wanna give them a warm Jersey welcome