140625 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

I am really going now. Farewell. I haven’t seen so many of the fans recently, so I felt touched… Thanks for giving me strength and courage. We will work hard to promote our name. We will continue to promote when we are back, so please wait for us.
Love you♡

저진짜갑니다 잘다녀올게요 오랜만에 울팬분들 많이오셔서
눈물이 뭉클…했어요 저한테 힘과용기를 주셔서 정말감사합니다 열심히 크레용팝을 알리고 올게요
다녀와서도 또 열심히 활동할거니까 기다리고있어요

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