140623 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

I felt a bit melancholic yesterday…
Really didn’t want to be that blue…
I really miss you fans

어제 뭔가 우울했다능…

soyul twitter

  • Taylor Simon

    I miss you, too.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I noticed that Way seemed a bit melancholy too the past few fan meets and performances. Now that they’re on the verge of the Gaga tour, they’re homesick even before leaving the country. 🙂

  • PopjusshiG

    There is always a fear of the unknown, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive myself and I’m just a fan. I hope they get treated well, although I’m not holding my breath, most of us Americans don’t know about K-pop and have no idea who Crayon Pop is. Hope the girls can win them over.

    • GBuster

      The monsters have been spreading the news about Crayon Pop since word got out that LG chose them. So they should be alright.

      • PopjusshiG

        That’s good to hear. LG does have a very diverse group of fans that should be open to new types of music. And besides how can one not like Crayon Pop, they’re so adorkable!

        • Kat CrazyRevy

          True LG fans will support Crayon Pop its what LG stands for enjoying all types of art and not judging. Besides LG herself loves Kpop. I know I’ve been spreading the love. I’m pretty sure my normal friends are tired of my Crayon Pop obsession by now lol

  • d’arc madr

    Soyul, you have fans here in the US, too. We’re just a bit more spread out. You will see in time how much we love you guys.