140622 Crayon Pop’s chicken dinner with fans

100 lucky fans who managed to secure their seats for the chicken dinner hosted by Chrome have filled up their stomachs with lots of fried chicken tonight!

The event which was held in Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam gave fans the opportunity to see and interact with Crayon Pop up close before their departure to America as opening guests of Lady Gaga’s ArtPop concerts on the 25th June 2014.

We are sure you’d like to be at the chicken dinner too. But since it was not possible, the next best thing would be some pictures of the event itself. (or you could get some fried chicken yourself and read this article while you are eating.)

Update: The chicken event ended at around 8:30pm KST and lasted about 2 hours. That’s at least 1 hour of chicken. I’m feeling full already!~


In the video above, Way said ‘potatoes are delicious’, and Ellin replied with ‘Wedge potatoes’. For new fans, ‘Wedge’ is a Korean fan-made nickname for Way. It’s short for ‘Way’+’Dwaeji’ (pig). Someone then asked Ellin if she browses DCinside, as that term is only used on DCinside.

Source: DCinside