140621 Crayon Pop at Chrome Happy Concert in Cheongju

Chrome held their first agency concert today @ Cheonju at 6.30pm. The lineup included all of the agency’s artistes, Crayon Pop, K-much, Bob Girls and Zan Zan and lasted approximately 1.5 hours. K-Much opened the concert, followed by Zan Zan performing but unfortunately, without Choa. It was then Bob Girls’ turn with ‘No Way’, and finally with Crayon Pop with ‘Bing Bing’ and ‘Dancing Queen’. Bob Girls came back up on stage with ‘Oh My Boy? (왜이래?)‘. Crayon Pop came back in their ‘Uh-ee’ attires, performing ‘Uh-ee’ and finally ‘Bar Bar Bar’. The rest of the Chrome family joins them in the last verse, with all of them sporting helmets, ending the concert. A Chrome family picture was taken at the end.

Fans were absolutely great at the concert. Some fan even brought a drone camera. We will be looking forward to that camera’s view!

Enjoy the fancams below!


  • We demand fancamuu~

  • Taylor Simon

    I want a fan cam for Zan Zan’s song.

  • Sakurai Kei

    wow! Daebak! Chrome family fighting! I love you all <3
    Damn lucky fans!

  • apieth

    No zan zan feat choa
    No ellin feat bob girls
    No ‘Hey Mister’
    Sad a bit

  • GBuster


  • Rita


    This isa fancam of Zan Zan’s performance. They are awesome live, they really got some incredible talent.

  • Salander


    This is a fancam of Zan Zan’s performance.

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    1 of the fancam, u can see the UFO/drone/flying camera haha! 🙂