140618 Geummi’s Birthday!

It will be Geummi’s birthday shortly in Korea. Join us in congratulating her with fans around the world with hashtags #HappyGEUMMIDay #HappyBirthdayGEUMMI #HappyBirthdaytoGEUMMI

How to participate

  1. Pick your favorite Geummi pic (Some pictures here)
  2. Add a birthday message to it in English or Korean such as 생일 축하해요 (Happy Birthday), 백보람 (Baek Boram), 금미 (Geummi), 천연비타민 (Natural Vitamin)
  3. Tweet
    “[Short message]
    [Image link]
    @crayonpop #HappyGEUMMIDay #HappyBirthdayGEUMMI #HappyBirthdaytoGEUMMI
  4. Start tweeting once the clock strikes midnight in Korea!