140615 Crayon Pop arrives in Korea (Back from China)

After having a successful performance at the 2014 Korea China Drama OST Concert, Chinese fans were at the airport to send them off. However, Way and Choa left earlier than the other three, due to Choa having her filming for “High-School Love On“.


According to Chinese fans, Geummi handed out candy.  Enjoy the fancam of them departing China.

Crayon Pop (Geummi, Ellin & Soyul) will be arriving back in Korea shortly. Initially scheduled to arrive at 9.50pm KST, they are now arriving at 11.30pm KST.

On-site reports say that there are around 30 fans waiting patiently for their arrival (any time now oh, they’ve arrived!)

Watch this space and follow their arrival with our field reporter’s live recorded stream. Saranghae~~

And that’s that!

cr: @CornOppa


Upon exiting the arrival hall, Crayon Pop were whisked off to their transport. Despite the short time they had with the fans, the girls were trying to show their appreciation to the fans by having a short talk while walking to their vehicle. Kudos to the fans for being so patient!

Source: Baidu, Twitter