140614 Super Junior Kiss the Radio missions + extra clips

The members of Crayon Pop received requests from fans to complete some missions on Su-Ki-Ra. Here is the video of them completing some of the tasks. Watch Geummi doing aegyo in Busan satoori (dialect) and cheering for Korea for World Cup, Ellin introducing Crayon Pop in English, Choa singing ‘No Day But Today’ from the musical ‘Rent’, Way and Choa arm wrestling, Way making a morning alarm call, and Soyul singing 시간속의 향기 by 강수지.

Here are some additional videos from the radio

Source: KBS CoolFM

  • AngK

    Gwiyomi is a true punishment for Soyul. She could take getting hit on the head with a plastic hammer all day. I’m not even complaining though. She slayed me.

  • apieth

    Thank you so much..
    i got 3 doses of Healing shot now..

  • Tiz Style

    I approve ellin and guemmi english 😀