140614 Crayon Pop on Super Junior Kiss the Radio (English Snippets)

Prerecorded on the 11th, Crayon Pop’s appearance on SuKiRa was finally aired, but unfortunately there was no video. There was a slight reference to Way’s ‘appearance’ on the show last week when Infinite’s Dongwoo called her. Also there was talk about Ellin’s kiss scene on Bumkey’s MV and her game with MBLAQ’s Seungho.

Some interesting tidbits from the show

  • A professor had came to their fan sign and had included Crayon Pop in his research paper (written in English).
  • Geummi is a Buddhist, and apparently the name ‘Geummi’ is supposed to bring good luck in Buddhism.
  • Choa had heard that she looked like Shin Dongyup since young (interestingly not Way)
  • Geummi had a lot of trouble telling the twins apart initially

In the speed quiz round (only one member answers it and is her own opinion, so it might not be representative of the group and not fact)

  1. Who is most friendly with other singers
    – Ellin
  2. Who is least friendly with other singers
    – Way
  3. Which member is picky about seating in the car.
    – Ellin
  4. Who is a fashion terrorist
    – None
  5. Which member would purposely be sometimes cold and sometimes hot (push/pull) while in a relationship
    – Way
  6. Which member is highly satisfied with her appearance
    – None
  7. (Directed at Way) If you were to form a subunit with one member, who would it be
    – Choa
  8. Which member is the most different on and off camera
    – Way
  9. Member who has had a lot of men luck
    – None
  10. Who gets drunk the fastest
    – Ellin
  11. Which member who had her first kiss at the youngest age
    – Geummi
  12. Which member will get married the earliest
    – Soyul
  13. If they were to rearrange room assignments, which member would you not like to room with
    – Unanswered as time ran out. As a result, Soyul got the penalty.

There was a discussion of the questions asked during the speed quiz.

  • Ellin said that she used to hear that she seemed cold, so she became someone who approaches first instead, and has become a habit, leading to her very social behavior.
  • All 5 members like to wait in the waiting rooms hence not being very social, and Way always takes a nap during this time.
  • Way denies she’s quiet.
  • No one is really picky about seating arrangements, just that Way noticed that Ellin likes the back seat on the left, as there is a charger for the tablet there.
  • Ellin said she said Way would be one to play the hot/cold game because she was right in front of her.
  • Ellin thinks both Soyul and herself are most naive about relationships.
  • Ellin also said she couldn’t hold her liquor was due to her intestines not being in good condition. The others corrected her that it’s her liver. Classic Elgu. Ellin says she wants to be able to drink well.
  • Ellin has to write the English pronunciation in Korean first before speaking it. (International fans might want to bring a paper pad to her before talking to her :P)
  • Way seemed to have slipped up that Choa might be in talks for a musical.
  • Choa and Way arm wrestled for the first time and Choa won.
  • Choa and Way were born through a Cesarean section.
  • Way made a morning alarm saying “if you don’t wake up, I’m gonna kiss you” at the 35:26 mark

More pictures were made available.

Source: KBS

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  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    if you don’t wake up, I’m gonna kiss you
    Uh…Way, is that supposed to get me out of bed?

    • noskire32

      I’d want to have that alarm and I probably would oversleep. hahaha! XD

  • Amo

    That’s so weird, I was just thinking of some those things two days ago… such as Gummi sounds like she would be a Buddhist the way she talks about nature and meditating + how positive she is. And how Ellin always chooses the back seat on the left. Never knew those things about Way that they mentioned.

  • apieth

    Thx to this radio program..
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    So gummi is the youngest in first kiss kekeke
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    • Administrator

      It is what the other members are guessing. It might not be true that Gummi was the youngest for a first kiss.

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