140612 Crayon Pop’s Twitter Translated

With Bob Girls finally debuting, it’s Soyul’s turn to promote them.

Everyone our Bob Girls has made their debut today^^*
Please support them^^ Soyul also misses our fans a lot but
I’m holding on ㅠㅇㅠ sob sob
Our fans’  Woo~~~Ri (loyalty)
Soyu-Woo~~~Ri**** >.<

여러분 오늘 단발머리 친구들이 데뷔를했어요^^*
응원많이해주시구요^^소율이도울팬들 많이 보고싶은데
울팬들 의~~~리
소유의~~~~리 >.<

***Soyul is referring to a recent internet meme that has become very popular in Korea. 의리 (woori) means loyalty and it is used within words that usually end in “ri” sound. In this case, 소율이 –> 소유의리. The word 의리 was originally popularized by the actor 김보성 who stressed masculinity and loyalty. Check out this commercial that also became viral as a result of this meme featuring 김보성.

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Source: Twittter