140610 Crayon Pop Twitter Translated

Geummi posted a selca as they were on their way back to Seoul from Gangwondo. (You can see Ellin’s slim legs in the background)

Our fans^.^How have you been? Ah Ahk~~~! I really miss you guysㅜㅜWhat am I to do. I hear Bob Girls had their showcase today~ They work just as hard as us Crayon Pop, so please support them:-) I will see you soon ^3^geummi

울 팬분들^.^*잘지내고 계시죠? 아악~~~!정말 너무 보고 싶은데ㅜㅜ우째 힝 오늘 단발머리 쇼케이스 했다던데 ~ 용팝이만큼 이나 열심히 하는 친구들 이니깐 팍팍 응원 많이 해주세요:-)그럼우리 빨리 만나요^3^geummi

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