140531 Crayon Pop’s Tong & Tong event at Seoulland

Crayon Pop appeared at Seoulland today to perform and play games with the audience for their endorsement of Orion’s almond and hazelnut products in a Tong & Tong event. Once, again, the helmets have shown to be versatile by being able to attach various items on it. Geummi, Way, Choa and Soyul are seen mingling with the crowd.

BarBarBar + Activity

Uh-ee + Picture taking

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Uh-ee + Picture taking



BarBarBar (Ellin)

Uh-ee (ChoA)

[美미錦금 scrawlest]

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[반 창꼬. BanChangGoo]
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Uh-ee + Picture taking

[SuYa. J.]

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